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From $8,386.00

The patented Plasma-Preen Plasma Cleaning/Etching System functions via one of two mechanisms, low temperature oxidation, typically organic material, or by removing metal oxides by sputtering. This is important in the electronics industry, biological industry, scientific research at educational institutions, and any industry where surface properties are an important consideration.

The Plasma-Preen System is a Plasma Cleaning/Etching System that is manufactured from a microwave oven with proven reliability. The system has been purchased by both large and small companies, educational institutions, and governmental agencies worldwide. Many authors have referenced the Plasma-Preen System in their scientific publications.

The Plasma-Preen System is available in three different formats:

  •  Barrel reactor
  •  Small water cooled reactor
  •  Large water cooled reactor

The advantages of the barrel reactor over similar plasma systems are higher power densities, digital controls, duty cycle, and analog power controls.

The water cooled reactors, which are unique in this price range, have the same advantages as the barrel reactors with the addition of a large flat water cooled base plate for placing your work without overheating. Temperature control is achieved by power control, duty cycle control, or changing the thermal resistance between the work and the base plate.


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